life is very long when you're lonely

I've been on a bit of a drawing frenzy recently, I have a new found love for medical themes, I love meta's nurse sets!

I really gotta get a proper sketchbook, I always find myself drawing on lined notepaper in class or in my frees! I also need some new fine liners (-。-;

I'm waiting for a nice haul of stuff in the post:
• l348 Jumperskirt in black
• black & white plaid school skirt
• black bolero
• kodona shorts

taobao -
• surface spell judgement day JSK
• surface spell black chiffon JSK
• antaina Tokyo bopper replicas

other -
• romwe black lace blouse

I've been religiously tracking my packages haha, I really can't wait for them to arrive, especially the bodyline JSK, that's been on my wish list for god-knows how long!

speaking of romwe, I recently got a new dress from there

I love it! it fits really well and is super-comfortable! it reminds me of either a French maid dress or Wednesday Addams :') I think I have a bit of a thing for uniforms at the minute, I'm cosplaying as a maid for my friend's 18th birthday

I really need some simple gothic shoes that are functional but still cute, just can't decide on a pair though, I've got my eye on a few bodyline pairs

also, here is a recent sailor-old-schoolish coordinate, the weather is nice and cold now so I can wear more layers

• OP - Hell bunny
• blouse - offbrand, the label is in Korean so I can't tell you where it's from!
• tights - asda
• frilly socks (you can only just see them!) - eBay
and my shoes were black tea parties, but they're not pictured :p

I saw the new Silent Hill film last week, I really liked it! there was only me and three other people in the cinema (whom I didn't know!) meaning it was nice and quiet and I could get really absorbed into the film, I haven't seen the other Silent Hill films, or played the games but now I really want to, I'm curious now. I loved the nurses too. I prefer going to the cinema alone for some reason.

I got The Lord of the Rings blu ray extended box set too, so I've been addicted to that! and I also got the hobbit for my eReader in preparation for when the film comes out

reading my past tweets and entries really makes my life seem boring haha
I shall bid you adieu for now; and leave you with this picture of my newish JC Lita knockoffs ;)

now if only I went out enough to wear them (。-_-。)

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I'm sick (。-_-。)

haven't updated in a while, but since I'm sick and I have nothing to do I thought I would (^^;; I apologise in advance for the rambly nature this entry! So I turned 17 in my absence, passed my exams, and started my second year of sixth form, I'm in the process of looking at unis at the minute but ugh it's so hard picking just 3!

Fashion-wise, I'm currently transferring to a more gothic/old school style, I recently bought two new dresses from Surface Spell! I'm still waiting for them to arrive though, I bought: in black in black/gold

I can't wait for them to arrive now! I recently bought a new btssb Jumperskirt as well

I don't have any pictures of the full outfit ;_;

Winter is fast approaching the uk, which is good for me! Winter is my favourite season, not because of Christmas, just because I love cold weather, and I don't have to slap on the factor 50 sunscreen to keep my paleness! it's also an excuse to buy cute chunky knit scarves and boleros and boots!

I had a doctor who catch up session the other day, of course I wept like an angel (hurr hurr) at the last episode! Ive gone from crying at no films/episodes to crying at practically every film/episode I watch :') I cried at howls moving castle!

I'm gonna leave you all with one last outfit post before I scootle off! s'cuse the Hoover in the background!

outfit rundown
Jumperskirt: bodyline
blouse: offbrand, the labels in Chinese and I got it from eBay!
tights: tesco, (thermal tights! they're so cosy :3)
headbow: made by an egl comm member
shoes: bodyline, punk section (they make me so tall! I'm only 5'2 usually!)

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First proper post

I've had livejournal for some time but I've never actually updated or used the journal part properly! First I'll introduce myself, my name is Fern! I'm 16 and from the UK. I like

  • Lolita (Particularly gothic and old-school!) and Japanese fashions
  • Taxidermy
  • Creepy and odd things
  • Horror movies
  • Long walks
  • Manga
  • Reading
  • Photography
I shall be using this journal for anything that takes my fancy! I hope I can update it often :)

In terms of music, my current favourite bands are My Chemical Romance, The Cribs, Mastodon, Symphony X, The Courteeners, Biffy Clyro, Queen, Florence and The Machine, and Kate Nash.

My tumblr is

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